What’s available in the shop ︎︎︎ are the current iteration of things that have been designed, used and redesigned since 2014. They’re useful, good looking and made well, but we know there is still room for adjustment and everything will continually develop.

All the products are currently made-in-house. We are currently looking into manufacturers who hold the same values as us, and will enable us to scale the making of all these things. 

We make things well but understand that no used-thing will last forever. We don’t like the system of buy, wear-out and buy again and think bags can be equally striking worn out, repaired and redyed as they were on the day they were bought. Leather things come with a balm for reviving leather and cotton things come with a repair kit for pesky tears and stains. All products can always be sent back to us for any larger fixes or for dying/re-dying. Should a product ever come to the ultimate end of its life, it is a natural product and can be thrown onto a compost heap to biodegrade. 

Our costing 

Natural materials. 
LEATHER. UK cow-hide. Top grade, full grain vegetable tanned leather. Colour: Black/Un-tanned/Specially Dyed.

COTTON. Cotton denim twill and calico sourced from. We are looking for an organic cotton supplier that will make this fabric. All cotton items are dyed with natural dyes. Colour: Natural/Oak Blue Black/Indigo Blue/Sappanwood Yellow/Specially Dyed. 
PAPER. FSC certified and Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified latex bonded paper. 100% natural material. This material is durable and both a suitable alternative to leather, and surpassing what can be done with leather. 
ELASTIC. Tree rubber. Rather than using plastic stretch polymers, we use this elastic natural alternative. 
ZIPS. Metal toothed zips mounted on cotton tape. 
CLIPS. All clips are designed and modelled in house and we are currently exploring making these from powder printing, we are looking to shift these into metal drop forging. 
PADDING. 100% Cotton wadding is used for all padded parts of bags. 
THREAD. All thread is 100% Cotton. 
WEBBING. 100% Cotton.